Five Tips on How to Save Energy at Home

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Day by day, energy resources are on the verge of extinction. Do we really know the reason why? The sole person responsible for this is- we individuals. Unaware of the resultant consequences, people are least bothered, when it comes to conserving energy resources. Energy crisis is no farther. Very soon, we humans, have to bear the consequences. We never take it seriously; when we don’t switch off the lights and fans of our houses. And, by doing so, what are we attaining? Nothing! Instead, we suffer a huge electric bill due to excess energy consumption. So, now, it’s time to rethink, and execute an appropriate plan to reduce the excess electricity bills, thereby conserving energy for the future generations. If this is the case, then, our future generations have to stay in the dark.

The cooperation from the family members is very essential in executing an energy conservation plan. Hence, let’s have a look at few tips that will assist in energy saving.


Tip 1: Take care to switch of electrical appliances when not necessary:

It is not a tedious task to switch off T.V, fans, lights and other electrical appliances while we are not using it. We possess a very bad habit of turning on the appliances when needed, but leave them as it is while leaving the room. It is not that, we are not aware. Our lethargy makes us do so. However, being a little aware and conscious in switching off the electrical appliances assists in saving much energy units.


Tip 2: Always use appliances that consume less energy

Antique things have a special place in our heart. Many a times, we can’t compromise our antique items for a brand-new item. Similar is the case with our old electrical appliances. Many may not be willing to dispose the old appliances; such is the attachment. But, the truth is that these antique appliances consume more energy than the energy efficient modern ones. Hence, replacing the older electrical appliances with the modern appliances can cut down the high electricity bills per month.


Tips 3: Make more use of solar energy

Solar powered illumination is very efficient as compared to the ordinary electrical ones. Hence, take initiative to make the garden and patio lights solar powered. These lights function by getting on, as the sun sets. Thus, darker atmosphere triggers these solar powered lamps.

Tip 4: Reduce unnecessary usage of air conditioners and heaters

The air conditioners and heaters are among the highest energy consuming devices. But, many are unaware of this fact; they unnecessarily use the air conditioners in extreme cold, and heaters in extreme hot weather. An understanding of the fact that these appliances should be used during the time of necessity is very essential in saving energy. The family members should be aware of this fact to make this energy conservation effort a reality.

Tip 5: Start using energy-efficient lighting fixtures

Less wattage with a high shelf life is what is looked for in a light fixture. Even though, many such energy-efficient light fixtures are available in the market, people prefer buying the ordinary ones, which increase the electricity bills to the peak stage.  Thus, to save energy and lower the additional electricity bills, lights consuming low voltage should be utilized at home. Using these alternatives to the ordinary lighting fixtures will certainly prove to be beneficial to both, the individuals and the environment.

Apart from monetary savings, these 5 tips will extremely be useful for saving the earth from getting depleted as well.





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Five Tips on How to Save Energy at Home

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Five Tips on How to Save Energy at Home

This article was published on 2012/04/01