Learn How Conservatories Changed Over the Last Twenty Years

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If you jumped in your time machine and went back twenty to thirty years and found any UK high street. The majority of people on the street that you stopped and asked to describe what they thought of when you mentioned the word conservatory would probably give you one of two answers. There would be the people who thought of a traditional conservatory which were only enjoyed by the very rich or found in municipal gardens similar to those found at Kew Gardens or Chatsworth House. Or there would be those people who thought of a little lean-to construction which their granny had. Similar to a green house these were commonly used for growing plants in or as utility rooms. They tended to be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.
However if you then got back into your time machine and fast forwarded twenty years back to the present day and stood on the same street and asked the same question the answers you got would be very different. Over the last twenty years conservatories have changed considerably. With the invention of UPVC and double glazing conservatories have become not only affordable but also a far more useable space. The double glazing means that they are far better at keeping the heat in meaning that they can be used throughout the year. No longer are they just a space for growing plants in the summer. They are now year round useable spaces which are commonly used as sitting rooms, dining areas or play rooms for children however the different possible uses available is virtually endless.
UPVC windows are used throughout modern conservatories this is because there are many benefits with modern UPVC windows, not only are they highly durable and very low maintenance but they are also available in a wide range of styles and even colours.  Modern conservatories are great places for entertaining and many now include French doors. These are double doors which in the summer can help to bridge the gap between your home and your garden. French doors also mean that you have another access point to you home making life more convenient.

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Learn How Conservatories Changed Over the Last Twenty Years

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This article was published on 2010/04/01